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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shop and Affiliate Marketing

Choose to make an Online Shop or Business Affiliate
Shortcomings and Advantages of an Affiliate with an Online Shop
Considerations in Business, mending Online Shop or Affiliate

      By increasing Internet users around the world, making the Internet can be used as a business place to earn a lot of money. Even not a few people who managed to get money through the Internet. There are those who make money from Blogs, there are also those who become Youtuber, and many other things that can be used on the Internet. One business that has been around for a long time and is still popular with many people is ONLINE SHOP and AFFILIATE MARKETING. Both are almost the same, because both offer goods to other people (selling goods). But if examined it turns out there are differences, even both have disadvantages and strengths.

     If you want to make or start a business, you should first know about the potential, disadvantages, and strengths. Do not let your work do not get results, even if you do not lose. If you feel you are not interested in becoming a Blogger or Youtuber, you can try to get money from selling or looking for sales commissions.

In this article, ToveweXYZ will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of ONLINE SHOP and AFFILIATE MARKETING.

        Online Shop is an online store created to market, offer, promote, and sell goods. With an online base, of course, the scope is broader, the products advertised can be known to many people. Even products posted online have the opportunity to be bought by everyone in the world. Can be seen like Amazon or eBay, there are many buyers from different countries. In addition there is AliExpress that sells various items and accepts orders from all countries in the world. Therefore Online Stores are wider in scope than Offline Stores which can only reach one area.
      Affiliate Marketing, has the same concept of offering, promoting, and selling. But the difference is you don't need to have goods or stock. You only need to help sell, if you sell through you, you will get a Bonus. Suppose you have Social Media like Facebook / Twitter / Instagam, you can market it there or you can also through a Website or Blog. Suppose you join the Amazon Affiliate, you will be given a list of products that you can offer. The bonus given is quite large, you only need to find buyers. After that, let Amazon process everything from packaging and shipping. You only have to wait for the Bonus to enter your balance.

      Those who can answer that are yourself, if you are indeed a trader or seller, you should choose to create an Online Shop. But if you are a Marketing, you can try an Affiliate. Because the Affiliate can be done by anyone. As a reference you can see the shortcomings and excesses of the Online Shop and Affiliate.

(+) Excellence
> You can specify a Brand Name, Shop Name
> Can determine prices (increase or decrease)
> Advantages are self-determined (Can be Greater)
> All are managed independently without the intervention of the Affiliate
> Can add or delete ads at any time

(-) Deficiency
> Requires capital to stock goods
> Competition is intense, especially so that your products can be seen by others
> Must be able to compete in price, quality and service
> If the item does not sell, of course it will lose

(+) Excellence
> No need for capital to start
> Can be done anytime and anywhere
> No need to package and send goods
> Products vary up to millions of products
> Choose the desired product

(-) Deficiency
> Must always update the price and stock of goods
> Can't see details about Purchases
> Can't analyze knowing if the Affiliate is Honest
> Benefits are set
> Compete with thousands of people who are also Affiliate Marketing

According to ToveweXYZ (
The first step you take is to make a free Blog or Website like Blogger or Wordpress. Then start making interesting content to get a lot of visitors. When there are many visitors, you can do many things. Like starting to make an Online Shop or Affiliate Marketing, even you can combine the two. So that it can get double profits.

     That's the Weaknesses and Strengths of Online Shop with Affiliate Marketing, hopefully it's useful. Thank you for visiting the ToveweXYZ Website.

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