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The Best PPC Site to Make Money from Blogs or Website

The Best PPC (Pay per Click) Service Provider site for Blogger or Wordpress
Make money from Blogs through PPC Advertising
Ad Commission for Blog owners and Make Dollars

      Maybe among you there are those who feel confused why people make Blogs (Blogger / Wordpress) and spend a lot of time making articles? Of course there are several reasons, it could be because Hobbies write or create articles, like a variety of information, or maybe just make a blog as a place of business to get money. Indeed Blog can make money? Though the Blog from Blogger or Wordpress is not free? Of course you can, Blogs can get money in the form of advertising commissions. There are many ways to make money from Blogs, one of which is through PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click).
      What is PPC? As the name implies, if you will be paid for each ad that is clicked by visitors to your blog. Suppose your blog has been registered on the PPC Provider Site, then you pair the Ads on your Blog. If there are visitors who click on your Blog, you will get money. Suppose for 1 person you can get $ 0.05 - $ 0.5 can even reach $ 1. There are also bonuses for 1000 valuable ad impressions ranging from $ 1 to $ 10. Imagine if there were 1,000 visitors who clicked every day? Of course that will be a considerable income. Therefore many Blog owners join the PPC Provider Site.

      For those of you who are looking for the Best PPC Site Information, this time the ToveweXYZ Website will discuss some of the best PPC provider sites. It is based on the value of the price for each ad, the type of advertisement, up to the speed of the Commission's pay. To be able to join the site, of course you must have a Blog. You can make it for free and easily, you can follow the instructions to create a blog for free:
- Create a Free Blog on Blogger
- Create a Free Blog on WordPress

If you already have a Blog, you can join and register for free to start earning money from PPC sites. The following are some of the best sites for PPC Providers according to

      The first is the popular ad network AdsOptimal site for all types of sites including the old blog atou. They offer advertising CPMs, CPC ads & ads based on conversions. Adsoptimal comes from San Francisco & started in 2012, this company has become a popular choice among bloggers. Many of you may have never heard of this network, but it's good to know that they are partners with Google AdSense, DoubleClick, Criteo. The approval process usually takes around two days & you can be paid via PayPal or Check. Already many Blog owners join this site and managed to get Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars for each month. AdsOptimal also makes it easy to manage Ads on Blogs so it doesn't make you confused.

      This site is more into Pop-Up Ads because to display Banner ads you must have at least 10,000 visitors for one month. Tap, there are still other ads that can be installed on the Blog, even Propeller Ads offers a fairly high advertising price. To payout a minimum of $ 25 and payments can be made through Paypal or through Check. The propeller payment method is 30 net payments & the minimum payout is $ 100. They offer earnings reports which is something I'm sure we all love. PropellerAds offers 80: 20% ratio & payment method is Payoneer or Wire transfer. For Blog beginners you can use Propeller Ads if you want to get money immediately, because this site can be used on new Blogs.

    If you have just created a blog, you should focus on creating articles to bring visitors. Because to register at Infolink you must have a minimal Blog with many articles. The process is easier and verification when registering is only 1-2 days. The advertisements offered are also very relevant. Starting from Links, Banners, to Feed Ads that are inserted in the Articles on your Blog. In addition, you will also get a report every week or once a month, so you can easily evaluate income from Infolinks.

     Many refer to AdNow as an Adsense competitor, because the value of the ads offered is not much different from Adsense. It's just that AdNow is superior in the approval process, so Blog owners can get money quickly. If Adsense takes weeks to review, AdNow only takes a few days. The advertisements offered are very interesting. Various banners containing interesting images and text.
     Other AdNow advantages:
- Native Ads: which can increase CTR and revenue and cPm which is quite high
- Global reach Up to 200 million impressions / day, 1700 advertisers, and in 107 countries
- Weekly payments via 20 USD: Paypal and WIRE transper.
- Generates the same ad with no conflicts with other ads code.
- Safe ads, all ads can be moderated.
- CTR average 1%
- Set up less than 5 minutes
- A faster registration and review process

    If you feel your blog is not subject to copyright or has content violations, besides that if you feel Blog visitors continue to increase, you can register at PayClick. The best PPC site today with diverse advertising content. In addition PayClick also offers high advertising prices even up to $ 5. To register is a little difficult because it requires a safe Blog with visitors who continue to increase. But don't worry, if you are diligent in making articles maybe you can try to join with PayClick. This site is recommended by many Blog owners in various parts of the World. In fact, there are many people who have managed to get thousands of dollars in just one week even every day. That shows if the ad that is installed by PayClick invites the attention of Blog visitors.

     Those are some PPC Provider sites for Blog owners who want to make money, good luck and hopefully useful. Thank you for visiting the ToveweXYZ Website.

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